26 Inspiring Cool Room Design Kinds For College Kids

Thursday, May 10th, 2018 - Bedroom, Interior

Dorm rooms are a substitute for homes for overseas children. Although the size of the room is not too big, but you can lho design in such a way. In fact, just with a simple design, your little room will feel more comfortable to occupy.

Want to know what cool designs you can copy? Let’s see the following IDN Times breakdown!

1. You who do not like many items, suitable to have a room that although narrow but can be seen roomy

2. The dominating white color will make your room more comfortable to occupy

3. Have a narrow but long room? Contek aja idea this one!

4. Narrow room in the attic can also be conjured as comfortable as possible. Place also plant pots to make your room fresher!

5. Design this one could be a solution for you that pingin sparing place

6. Colorful carpets decorated with lights can be the main decoration on the walls of your room

7. Magic bottom of the bunkbed as a study table as well as a place to store goods

8. Do not let the corner of the wall look bored, you can hang photos and lights

9. Want your room look luxurious and elegant? You can hang white cloth and lights near the bed

10. Comfortable sofa can still enter into your small room. Just put it under the bunkbed!

11. Have a lot of stuff? Arrange it on a bookcase to be impressed neatly as well as a display

12. Pingin a funny bookshelf? You can cheat the design like below!
25 Inspiration for Cool Room Design For Kids For Kidahan Children

13. Pair lots of lights as decoration while making your room look more roomy

14. Paste the agenda board on the wall, other than as decoration you can also make it as a reminder board

15. Place cabinets, tables and mattresses in a straight line, in this way you have a roomy space in the room

16. With adequate lighting, your narrow room will still feel comfortable

17. This design could be a solution for you who share a room with your friends

18. Beds cum this study table could be the answer for you who always learn while lying down

19. The room is narrow but pingin have a living room in the room itself? It could be!

20. Floating bookshelf can be a mainstay so that your bedroom more visible width

21. Place the wide glass beside the bed to make the room look twice as wide

22. A mix of white and soft will make your room look comfortable and elegant

23. Black and white can be an easy solution to make your narrow room look classy!

24. Position the bed next to the big window. This is an easy way to make the room effect wider

25. This multifunctional cabinet can make your room more tidy and looks roomy

So what number do you like?


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